Control Cables CY, SY and YY Control Cables

Control Cables - CY, SY and YY Control Cables

What are CY, SY and YY Control Cables?

While there are a whole variety of Control Cables on the market, in the field of process automation and control you are most likely to hear about three types. CY, YY and SY Cables are a range of flexible instrumentation cables. Each one is designed for use as an interconnecting cable in signal and control equipment for measuring, control or regulation. CY, SY and YY Control Flex are commonplace in the building and construction industry and rail and transport networks as well as automation and process control systems.

Examples of Control Cables

Control Cables - CY, SY and YY Cables

By what other names are these Control Cables known?

You will sometimes hear the words Instrumentation Cable, Motor Cable, Multicore or Robotic Cables and Control Flex used to describe this family of cables. The different types do complicate things slightly – you will hear anything from Shielded Flex (SY) and Screened Flexible Cable (CY) to Unscreened or Unshielded Control Cable (YY). The LS0H versions add another dimension with terms like Low Smoke, Halogen Free and Zero Halogen applied to each of the cables.

What is the difference between YY Flex, SY Cable and CY Control Cable?

In the Control Flex family, the versatile YY Flex works well in situations with light mechanical stress and is suited to most environments. It can be used outside when protected and in both dry and moist conditions indoors.

Those who require interference-free transmission need CY Control Cable. This Multicore Flex has a tinned copper wire braid and a PETP (Polyethylene Terephthalate) separator, which work together to protect the Control Cable from external electromagnetic influences and some mechanical stresses.

SY Flex is the toughest one of the family. If you need reliable mechanical protection, the galvanised steel wire braid on this Control Cable puts it in a league of its own.

What do SY, YY and CY Control Cables have in common?

These Control Cables share a number of different properties. All are highly flexible multicore cables with (Class 5) plain copper conductors and a voltage rating of 300/500 V manufactured to meet the requirements of BS6500 and VDE0250. Both PVC and Low Smoke Zero Halogen versions are available for each Control Flex, but various levels of protection and screening, enable installers to select the right cable for the job.

Do CY, SY and YY Control Cables come in different colours?

Both CY Cable and YY Flex come with a grey sheath. SY Shielded Cable, however, has a transparent sheath so wear and tear of the galvanised braid can be monitored. Cores within the cables can be identified using either colours or numbers.

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